It’s election season here in the United Kingdom and, like most elections, there’s usually a lot of doom and gloom being peddled around by the leaders of the various parties as they try to undermine the integrity of opposing parties. It’s that end-of-the-world rhetoric that reminded me of Majora’s Mask, and specifically the mayor of Clock Town, Mayor Dotour (check out that throne too!).

The first time you meet Mayor Dotour, he is in a heated debate with Captain Viscen and Mutoh of the carpenters (not the band) about whether or not to evacuate the town. Obviously, there should be a clear winner and that the town should be evacuated (seriously what is wrong with you Mutoh!), but it’s still fascinating to see the various exchanges. It adds incredible depth to the various characters and you understand the dilemma that the Mayor is going through.

Now if only all debates were solved by Link wearing a mask.

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