Since the release of Breath of the Wild, there have been a few Link figures released based upon his appearance in the game. However, MediCom’s recently announced figure may put those to shame.

Due out in December 2017, MediCom Toy Inc. have revealed their own Breath of the Wild Link figure. In addition to the Soldier’s Broadsword and Traveler’s Shield, Link also comes with a Traveler’s Bow, an arrow, an Ancient Arrow, a quiver, the Hylian Hood, and of course the Sheikah Slate.

If you’re curious as to its quality, gaze upon the pictures below.

The figure is certainly impressive, but the price point may give many people pause. If you’d like to buy it, Play-Asia is currently accepting pre-orders for $259.99. The orders are expected to ship December 31, 2017.

Provided you had the disposable income, do you see yourself purchasing this? If it’s too rich for your blood, check out the far cheaper Nendoroid that will be releasing in July.