I don’t know about anyone else, but personally, I can not get enough of all the Breath of the Wild fanart. One of my favorite parts of a new game being released is all of the amazing fanart that emerges. I have been tracking Breath of the Wild fanart for quite some time, and I’ve found some really beautiful pieces. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing a fan’s interpretation of a series, and fanart has even inspired me to write my own fan fiction on The Legend of Zelda. The story continues on with our impressions and ideas, and I think that is something very wonderful.

An artist named Zaphk posts their pieces on DeviantArt and has created fan art for The Legend of Zelda for years now. While searching through their profile, I found a stunning piece of fan art that they made from Breath of the Wild. I must say, I fell in love with the piece almost instantly. I love how determined Link looks as he positions his bow and arrow to strike his enemies. The colors used are absolutely incredible, and the piece almost has a dreamy look to it. The way that the clouds are positioned behind him even creates the illusion that he is in the sky, soaring his way through his journey. Due to how magical this piece feels, I thought it would be the perfect pick for today’s article!