Breath of the Wild references a lot from the Zelda series’ 30 year history. There’s the obvious references such as places being named after important characters (e.g., Lake Saria, Mount Daphnes, Linebeck Island, Kaepora Pass). There’s references to places in other games (e.g., Spectacle Rock, Arbiter’s Grounds, Lost Woods, Temple of Time). And there are surprises you’ll stumble upon while playing, such as, if you head to the location marked “Ranch Ruins” on your map, you’ll discover that they’re the ruins of Lon Lon Ranch from Ocarina of Time. Bridges in Central Hyrule are named after Zelda 1 bosses, Eventide Island is a love letter to Link’s Awakening, and Tingle’s legacy endures with all four Tingle brothers having their own near-namesake islands. These are just some of the numerous references found in the game.

During the week, we stumbled upon a Tweet that made reference to a Zelda game we’d all but forgotten about.

The first image is from Breath of the Wild. The second is from Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, an obscure Zelda game released in 1993 for the Philips Compact Disc interactive (CD-i) console. The game came about when Nintendo partnered with Philips in the early 90s to develop a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The attempts to develop the CD-ROM add-on failed; however, Nintendo gave Philips a license to use five of their characters on the CD-i system. As a result, three Zelda games were produced: Zelda: The Wand of GamelonLink: The Faces of Evil, and Zelda’s Adventure.

Unfortunately, the CD-i console was a flop, and the Zelda games released for it were not deemed to be part of the series’ official canon. “I don’t know that those really fit in the Zelda franchise,” said Eiji Aonuma in a 2013 interview.

Until now.

Further investigation reveals that the above allusion to The Wand of Gamelon is not the only reference to the CD-i games in Breath of the Wild. Reddit user ZeldaFreakNA discovered that Breath of the Wild’s Knight’s Shield is identical to the shield used by Link in The Faces of Evil.

Then there’s the sidequest in Breath of the Wild called “What’s for Dinner?” which directly quotes a famous line from the King in Wand of Gamelon. “I wonder what’s for dinner?” he says, after brushing off Zelda’s concerns for his safety when he announces that he will travel to Gamelon to aid a duke being attacked by Ganon.

And while we’re on the subject of food, Link responds to the aforementioned “I wonder what’s for dinner?” by saying that he’s so hungry that he could eat an Octorok. Breath of the Wild grants his wish, for Link can most certainly cook and chow down on Octoroks in this game.

One of Link: The Faces of Evil‘s most infamous bosses, Glutko, makes a return in Breath of the Wild in the form of a mini boss called a Hinox.

These clear and direct references to two of the CD-i Zelda games has confirmed them as officially part of the Legend of Zelda canon.

As for Zelda’s Adventure, it truly is a terrible game so we don’t blame Nintendo for leaving it out.

  • mastuerzo

    Not to be a party pooper or anything, but the Hinox has been present ever since A link to the Past. It has been canon for a while.

    • peteykun

      Check the date. :p

      • mastuerzo

        Swoosh lol.Tbf in my country April’s fool is in December.

  • ☼ Getsuga ☼

    As much as I enjoy a good joke, I honestly feel this is too much a coincidence. You’re scaring me, Nintendo.

    • Zithis

      I mean i’m not 100% against them taking ideas from the CD-i games. There are things in them that if taken into the hands of someone competent they could be interesting.

      Still fun april fools joke.

  • smcrzgi

    i think the hinox is a bit much since hinox has existed since alttp… but this was pretty neat and funny. I dont think their cannon but the references are interesting

    • smcrzgi

      wait a minute…..

  • Rob Whetzel

    Don’t forget Mikau and Lulu pond being together! They also seemed to spell things with one letter different. Like Mekar and Laruta instead of Makar and Laruto. Kinda weird. There were others too but I can’t recall

    • JoanDT89

      Tingle Island is Tingel.

  • Vitor Cezar

    White for dinner😂😂😂😂laughts a lot Here lololo

  • D0xis

    Ha. Ha. Ha.
    Still not canon in my book.

  • rafael

    hinox in breath of the wild is a direct reference to hinox in every other zelda game he appeared on

    • rafael

      ok, you fooled me

  • Hilarious, but the shield Link uses in the CD-i games is actually depicted in the artwork as being identical to the Fighter’s Shield from A Link to the Past.

  • lanmanna

    Oh, boy! I could eat an octorok!

  • J Cesar Chavez

    I don’t see them as Canon, but more of easter eggs.

  • Linkle

    Greatest April Fools joke, right here. (^-^)/

    Love it!!!

    • Justin Morciglio

      it’s not a joke. The original poster posted days ago

      • Linkle

        It’s definitely a joke, about it being canon because of this. And ZU posted it on April Fools on purpose. ^-^

  • Will

    An Easter Egg reference does not make the referenced game canon. They are, however, Zelda games albeit non-canon ones (and albeit abysmal video games).

    You can speculatively place non-canon games on further branches of the Downfall Timeline. For example, I would place Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon on a timeline where link fails again in Oracle of Seasons. (Ganon is weakened at the end of Oracle of Seasons, but if revived into physical form his mind would still be sharp. Hence, he can successfully invade islands such as Koridai and Gamelon, but not mainland Hyrule any more. At the end of Oracle of Seasons, however, Ganon would only at that point survive as a mindless beast even if Link failed.)

    After all, the SatellaView games are non-canon, and yet they take place if Link were to fail in Link’s Awakening. (Evil magic builds from Koholint Island if it fails to be destroyed, eventually affecting Hyrule and making it necessary that a new hero come in from The Town Whose Name Was Stolen.)

    Anyway, this is the last comment I ever plan to post in a DisQus thread, since DisQus as a whole is too full of trolls (even more than Facebook and YouTube, which is saying something). Nevertheless, I’m glad to end off on a nice and pleasant Zelda thread!

    • Brian McBehrer

      Way to not recognize an April Fool’s Day joke, genius

      • Sebastian Vix

        LOL! So agree, incredible how some people are so…

  • These are all huge stretches. Especially the dinner one lol. Such a common thing for people to say.

    • Brian McBehrer

      Look at the date, bro

  • Am I the only one who wants a remake of the CD-i games made by Nintendo?

    • alainricard


  • Will

    Even though this was evidently an April Fools’ Joke, these really are Easter Egg references (albeit not making the CDI games canon).