Breath of the Wild developers focused on breaking many typical conventions of the Zelda series. However, some things never change. The developers have always put in the extra time to add little details that make playing the game feel extra special. Some of these little touches are so well hidden that many players completely missed them, just like this message from the monks in the Great Plateau shrines.

Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule is full of little touches which relate to previous games or conventions of the franchise. The game itself encourages players to reminisce on previous moments in the game’s history. It’s great to see the Triforce referenced so early on in the game to clearly link back to previous games and the main story.

Zelda developers are always fully prepared to take that extra bit of time to make each game so special and unique. This is one example of just how much effort they put into the series.

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  • Kitty

    I feel that this could put more fodder to the “fourth triforce piece” debate. Why would one of the monks symbolize the negative space in the triforce if it wasn’t important… Nintendo either didn’t think this through or they are now on board for a fourth triforce piece… or they just really like to mess with us.

    • J Cesar Chavez

      what part of “tri” people do not understand?

      • Shuga Suenaga

        thought the same lol its not like its the “squareforce”

      • David Detlaff

        to be fair they were known as triforces in the original when there were only 2 of them. Its called a triforce because its a triangle not because there are three of them. Tetra force theories are still dumb though.

      • Ryan Haynes

        Then why were there only two until AoL?
        The “Tri” part references their shape, not their amount.

        • J Cesar Chavez

          Ganon had the power triforce, and Zelda’s was broken in 8 pieces. This means Link always carried Courage.
          Also each piece of the triforce was made by each goddess. Three of them, Din, Farore, and Nyru.
          Zelda is a goddess, but she didn’t create any triforce pieces. She was entrusted by the goddesses to take care of the triforce.

    • Zack Hale

      I imagine having 4 shrines could have influenced that decision. If they were predecided on having 4 shrines on the great plateau, then I could see them having to get creative with how to represent the triforce.

  • Elven_Ariaera

    I felt like there was something significant going on with the hand positions of the monks! Now that it’s all put together, it makes perfect sense, and makes me feel less crazy, lol!

    • Also the other monks have something to “say” with their hand or body positions 🙂

  • Miguel Arturo Palomares

    spoiler : zelda has the whole triforce

    • Shuga Suenaga

      como es que estas aqui casualmente igual que yo hahhaha