Back in October we brought you an exclusive look at “Hero of Time”, a Kickstarted album that drew inspiration from Ocarina of Time for its orchestrated tracks. Thanks to about one-thousand backers the album reached its funding goal, and Materia Collective moved forward with bringing the tracks to life.

If you missed the opportunity to back this project you’ll be pleased to know it’s now available to pre-order for non-backers. A digital version of the album will run you $14, while a physical edition will cost $30. There’s also a fancier edition for $50 — limited to 500 copies — if you have the desire and the dough for it. If you decide on a physical copy over the digital one, be aware that they won’t ship until on or around April 24, 2017.

Let us know if you decide to pick up this album, and send us some pictures if you get either physical copy. Lastly, don’t forget to support Materia Collective through their Bandcamp if you want to see future projects from them!

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