A person beginning Breath of the Wild for the first time may find themselves willingly spending hours on the Great Plateau before taking a single step into the greater world of Hyrule. I know I did despite having played through the demo at E3. It took me about five hours before I decided I was ready to start my adventure. But while players like us are content to hunt down Koroks and simmer lots of fruit before moving on, speedrunners are taking Calamity Ganon down in as little as fifty minutes from the start of the game.

The trick to getting off the Great Plateau prematurely hasn’t been perfected, but the distances between those first four Shrines are getting shorter seemingly each day as Twitch streamers and YouTubers constantly improve upon their and others’ personal bests. By using tricks such as playing on the Wii U, setting the language to German or Japanese, and “whistle sprinting” (a button combination that allows the players to maintain speed while the stamina gauge refills), the world record has already dropped below the fifty-minute mark to 47:59. Sva161620 currently holds that record. However, by the time you read this it may already be broken by either sva161620 themselves, or another runner.

These record-breaking runs are of the “Any%” variety, meaning the runner’s goal is to simply get to the end of the game as quickly as possible by any means necessary. Other runners have gone for a slower — but still quite quick — path that includes completing the four main dungeons. Even if you’ve never had an interest in speedrunning a game, feats like these are worth a look if only to learn some neat tricks that can be used in regular gameplay — tricks that Breath of the Wild has in spades, to the delight of many.

Have you beaten Breath of the Wild yet? What’s your definition of “completion” for a game this large? Share your tales of adventure with us!

  • Malion

    It’s interesting how it still takes as long as it does to complete the any% when this game was claimed to be finishable very quickly.
    Meanwhile OoT can be beaten in 17 minutes and LttP in about 7 or so minutes. Even Majora’s Mask is only an hour and a half and beating that game requires beating all 4 bosses before finishing it.

    Though it is still early on. Maybe they will find some glitch to get off the plateau immediately sooner or later.

    • At 48′ I was still watching the beautiful landscapes from the rock a few footsteps out of the resurrection chamber.

    • FabrizioSilveri

      It is indeed possible to get off the plateau early, using stasis and holding on a boulder, but even if you survive the fall you often get “called back” on plateau at random, which means not only that a speedrun would require a lot of trials just out of luck, but also that you might not be able to get to the final boss anyway.

      • Malion

        Well when I wrote this there wasn’t a way. And yes I’ve seen the video where he gets off the plateau but there is a sort of fog that blankets the world which you can only avoid by staying below it. And since the castle is above it it wouldnt work.

        • FabrizioSilveri

          Plus, the final boss is a special event, that you probably wouldn’t be able to trigger without the paraglider.
          That’s really annoying, though… I can understand they want you to have the paraglider, but it’d be better to have the choice on that too!