For all of you who have become fully immersed in Breath of the Wild, it’s not hard to notice that the mysterious Sheikah Tribe plays a much bigger role in this game compared to the rest of the franchise. We’ve seen a few different versions of Hylian reach completion over the years. Whether Goron, Zora, Deku, Gerudo, or Rito, Hylian has been the universal language — until now!

Thanks to Sarinilli, a complete Sheikah font is available for download on her DeviantArt page. It includes letters A-Z and numbers 0-9. All that she asks is that you do no use this font for any profitable reason (unless otherwise approved by her). After looking at the font, can you decipher the text below?

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  • Mizu

    Haven’t downloaded the font yet, but I’m /pretty/ sure that says “Zelda Universe”

  • “All that she asks is that you do no use this font for any profitable reason (unless otherwise approved by her)”

    Oh my… let me clarify: Since the alphabet it’s self is made by Nintendo, not altered, adapted, nor does it contain any fan adapted characters; I point out that it shouldn’t be used for profitable reasons due to that.

    I’ll make sure that I clarify that better on the font description as well. :3
    And thanks for the article guys, you’re awesome! ♥

  • D0xis

    You have got to be joking… The day after I post my Sheikah font in the ZU discord, someone ELSE posts one (with better spacing, but incorrect numbers) and it gets featured?

    • Actually, the numbers in the compendium are the correct numbers. The pins are “special” numbers. My font also has both, which you would know if you had read the description before going on a rampage about it here and on DA.
      I also finished my font days ago, after some time researching to make sure that everything was set up and mapped properly.

      I suggest a snickers. Sounds like you could use one.

      • D0xis

        Yeah, sorry about that. Wasn’t the kind of thing I was expecting to wake up to and kinda lost it. All is good.

        • Hey, don’t worry about it. I know the feeling; especially if waking up hungry happens (hence the snickers suggestion; I speak from experience). haha