We would like to wish all of our fans around the world a happy International Women’s Day from everyone here at Zelda Universe!

Today is a day to celebrate how far the women of the world have come in their pursuit for equal-rights, and to focus the eyes of the globe on the distances that we still have to go to fully bridge the gender gap. We urge every one of our supporters to #BeBoldForChange to help women and girls achieve their goals; to challenge gender-bias and strive to give women the chance to release their full potential upon the world in order to change it for the better.

Whilst we are yet to see an instalment of the franchise starring a female lead protagonist, we have been blessed with several admirable female role models in the Legend of Zelda throughout the years: Saria, Fi, Midna, Impa, new additions from Breath of the Wild in the form of Champions Mipha and Urbosa, and of course, the princess of Hyrule herself, the legendary Zelda. Without these strong and noble women, Link’s quests would have been even more hellacious to the point that he might not have succeeded at all. We are all part of a greater puzzle and every piece is as important as any other, regardless of our gender.

Of course, special thanks go out to all of the intelligent and talented women who work here at Zelda Universe — we wouldn’t be the success that we are without all of your tireless efforts.

Additional thanks to Canadian artist and deviantart user, Nijuuni, for the fantastic Zelda and Sheik artwork that accompanies this piece, titled “Hyrule Warriors – The Princess and her Shadow”. Our princess looks every bit the world beater here, as well she should.