The recently released Hyrule Arts and Artefacts book is primarily stuffed to the gills with artwork from the Zelda series’ 30 year history, but that artwork is occasionally adorned with a bit of commentary from Nintendo artists Yusuke Nakano, Satoru Takizawa, and Yoshiki Haruhana. One of the more interesting bits of commentary to emerge is that during development of Ocarina of Time, the design for Link was actually based off of a ‘famous Hollywood actor’.

Nakano explains that when designing Link, he used a popular nineties actor as the base for Link’s face, keeping key features such as the nose and eyes as reference. “At that time, if you were to talk about a really good-looking actor, people immediately thought of this guy. So I recall keeping in mind the point of his nose and that strong-willed look in his eyes when I was drawing.”

Naturally, to avoid any legal issues or otherwise, they stop short of naming who this mysterious actor would be. That said, given the timing of the game’s development and what movies were biggest then, Leonardo Di Caprio would be a strong bet. Titanic was riding a wave of success at the time, if you’ll pardon the phrasing.

Young Leo could make a mighty fine Link. What do you reckon?

  • Children Of Nephilim

    Link looks better..

  • I was thinking Leo once I read “Hollywood” in the title. If there was ever a real life Zelda movie he better play the part of an older Link—maybe the hero of time! A girl can dream…

  • Nicky

    Hmmm I thought it might have been Brad Pitt when I read that comment in the book

  • Kratos

    yeh my $$$’s on leo circa 97-98. you can even compare pics of leo in his teen years when he was on the TV show “growing pains” back in the late 80s and even then he looks like kid link from OoT.

  • my booths

    Ever since I was younger I always thought OoT link looked like Leo lmao to the point of saying that if they made a movie, Leo should have been link.

    No surprise here! Lol

  • My first thought was Brad Pitt, but then they mentioned his pointed nose which Pitt doesn’t really have. Then I thought maybe Johnny Depp, but Leo is a very good guess. It’s probably him.

  • Connie Averman

    Young Tom Cruise in Legend 1985 🙂

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