Breath of the Wild’s placement in the official Zelda timeline may still be up for debate, but it’s hard to find anyone who’s displeased to find the Koroks have found a place in the game. With their kodama-like masks, gentle rattling sounds, and all-around adorableness, the Koroks fit well into the anime-inspired, brightly-colored world of the upcoming game.

We’ve seen plenty of familiar Koroks hidden in this new Hyrule; they made their first appearance at E3 2016. But it wasn’t until now that we’ve seen a new Korok: one who is taller, ornamented, and bearing a yellowing ginkgo leaf. This Korok has the unmistakable air of a chieftain or leader among the little children of the woods. Given the fact that ginkgo trees are living fossils it’s not hard to imagine a Korok bearing such a leaf to hold a high place among the race.

The fact that this Korok’s concept art is paired with an older model of Oaken from The Wind Waker is good evidence that they were designed specifically to fill a special role among the Koroks in Breath of the Wild. What could this role be? Perhaps something to do with the Master Sword? Because, as it turns out, this isn’t the first we’ve seen of our yellow-faced friend. They can be seen in the newest Breath of the Wild trailer that ended the January Switch presentation!

If you look closely you can see this figure– half-hidden in mist as they are — has a distinct head shape and the hint of yellow on their face. Our new Korok friend has been hiding in plain sight for weeks now, but it’s nice to have some proper concept art of them.

Are you eager to meet this new Korok? Do you hope there are others? Let us know your thoughts on this mysterious new character, and what their role may be in the larger game!

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