More and more, Breath of the Wild is touting itself as a customizable Zelda experience for new and old fans. With endless possibilities on how to approach the game’s story and combat it’s doubtful any one playthrough will be the same as another.

This customization extends even to the options menu, as Gehab learned during his recent experience demoing the game. A peek into the options menu revealed two modes for Breath of the Wild’s HUD: “Normal” and “Pro.” Choosing the latter reveals that the mini map, the temperature readout, and the noise gauge are erased from the HUD, leaving only the heart meter. It’s unknown if the Runes and weapons icons are also removed. As Gehab explains in his video, he wasn’t allowed to film the screen for long and a Nintendo rep asked him to revert back to the Normal setting for the full game experience.

HUD layouts in Zelda games — for the most part — have been uniform in appearance. 3/DS and Wii U hardware has allowed for much of the information to be available off-screen, but even the N64 and Wii games allowed for some or most HUD elements to be removed. So it’s good to see this Zelda convention is one Breath of the Wild will be sticking to.

You can check out Gehab’s HUD answer and footage at around the 2:26 mark in the video below, or watch the entire thing to learn more about his observations during his time with the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to give him a Like as well!

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