So we’re getting pretty amped for the release of the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild over here at Zelda Universe, and speaking of getting amped up, this rock cover of the trailer theme should be turned up to 11!

The song maintains the over-arching epic feel, inspiring thoughts of high drama, deadly battles and encounters with titanic beasts, but is somehow injected with an incredible sense of urgency from the crashing cymbals and slick guitar riffs.

The early piano bridge keeps the cover true to the original and acts as a lovely change of pace before Shady Cicada blazes back into the up-tempo riff. The choppy melody conjures images of Link slicing and parrying for his life at breakneck speed, holding off hordes of Bokoblins as they surround him. I feel like this cover would make for a fantastic intro for a Breath of the Wild anime; bombarding the viewer with a hundred snippets of Link facing off against various enemies, cutting them away with an array of spells and techniques.

Shredding his way through the familiar melody of the Zelda theme, he finishes the piece off wonderfully — we’re reminded that this isn’t an introduction to just any monster-slaying adventure, but an introduction to a brand new Legend of Zelda title. If that melody doesn’t fill you with anticipation then nothing will!