Arts & Artifacts, the upcoming Dark Horse Comics book that contains artwork, Zelda designer interviews, and much more, recently had some preview pages shared by polygon, who had a preview copy of the book sent to them. In it, we see a few pages from different Link designs from the different games throughout the years, namely the original Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess, Four Swords, and Spirit Tracks. Check them out below:

arts and artifacts arts artifacts tp arts artifacts ZELDA arts artifacts

Pretty interesting, right? While, some of the images are already the ones we’ve all seen and even have pinned up in our walls in poster forms, a lot of the images are rare as well, some of the include rare promotional art and pixel art, accompanied by the aforementioned interviews. It is definitely worth your it to invest a chunk of your salary to own this bad boy when it comes out, on February 21.

There’s not much time until then!