Time is ticking ever closer to the official release of the newest installment of The Legend of Zelda, and a whole fandom holds its collective breath in anticipation. For some (like me!), the excitement is becoming too much to bear and have taken to submerging themselves in as many sights and sounds of Breath of the Wild as they can find.

If you are one of those people, my friends, wrap your ears around this beautiful orchestral cover of the trailer theme, arranged by ClefferNotes. This is one of the most thought-provoking pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time, accentuated all the more by not including the trailer video, and instead leaving viewers to their imagination.

The foreboding strings and piano of the introduction slowly give way to the awe-inspiring brass and choir sections, before a thunderous percussion drops us into the thick of a fleeting escape from the depths. You can almost feel the sun on your face and the taste of freedom on your lips during the bridge — it’s spectacular.

Before we know it a we’re thrown in the thick of the action, with soaring strings and hard, militaristic drums driving us on into battle — a sword in hand and danger on all sides. Close your eyes and picture the imagery for a moment — the serenity of the Great Plateau stretching out before you as you start out on your adventure, only to be hounded by bands of savage enemies, erupting into fierce battles across the broken countryside against creatures taller than the stone houses of men. There is blood and turmoil and pain in this piece; nothing will come easy to this Link, we know.

And finally we hear the traditional Zelda theme blast out to a hair-raising crescendo, before a twinkling piano hints at hidden mysteries waiting to be found, conjuring images of the Master Sword, sleeping silently in the depths of the forest.

This will be an adventure on the grandest scale.