Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Today is the first Friday the 13th in 2017, so I thought writing about some creepy Legend of Zelda fanart would be the best way to commemorate the day. This piece was created by Finni Chang, also known as finni on DeviantArt. She has created beautiful Legend of Zelda artwork in the past, and today’s pick was featured in IGN’s tribute to Zelda, titled “Hyrule’s Most Wanted”. This piece showcases Dark Link in the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, but it draws inspiration from the design of Dark Link that is featured in Twilight Princess. During my search for Dark Link fanart, this piece struck me as one of the most sinister pieces I found, with his glowing red eyes and the smeared blood on his tunic.

Dark Link has always been a character that fascinates me in the Zelda franchise. Each time that Dark Link enters the plot in a game he is seen as the complete opposite of Link, and is rumored to be constructed by shadow magic. Link is seen as a hero that tries his hardest to overcome many obstacles to save Hyrule from Ganon, and Dark Link represents the darkness that Link has to encounter to complete his mission. Dark Link always struck me as a parallel between good and evil, if the enemy had the same exact skills and tricks as the hero.

Link is forced to conquer himself and outsmart his very own doppelganger. I’ve always wondered if Dark Link and Link share some type of history with each other. Many times a hero needs to overcome his flaws and dark thoughts to bring himself to become a completely selfless being. What if Dark Link was a manifestation of Link’s dark side that was put into an separate form for him to become Hyrule’s hero? Then later on in the game, what if he was approached by his dark side so that he can eliminate it once and for all so that he can continue following his righteous path without his dark thoughts and flaws existing? These are just some of my thoughts on Dark Link’s purpose, I would love to hear yours!


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