Any Zelda player knows the feeling of finally finding a fairy after a difficult trial, and Saltycatfish put all those feelings of relief and calmness into this piece of art. Everything about this drawing is so serene. The light, sketchy line work doesn’t feel so intense and allows the drawing to breathe. The dim lighting really gives the fairy itself more emphasis, and the water color that is ever so lightly added to Links clothes and hair is just simply beautiful.

Of course, it’s Link’s expression that really makes me feel at ease viewing this piece. His eyes closed, seeming at peace with the fairy’s healing touch. I’m also not certain if this was done on purpose, but I love how the fairy is placed right over his heart, giving a subtle nod to its duty in the game.

The Legend of Zelda is full of action and adventure, so I find it very refreshing to see portrayals of the calmer moments of the game. Though I’m aware the incarnation drawn by the artist is not from Twilight Princess, it reminds me of my own experiences in that particular game where I would go in the spirit’s spring in either the Faron or Ordon province. Standing there in the tranquil environment, having gentle fairies swirl about Link always gave me a sense of ease. To be able to capture that serenity is truly a thing of beauty, and I thank the artist for sharing this piece!

LoZ Fairy by Saltycatfish

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