Isn’t the Zelda universe a fantastic place?

I mean, we spend hours wandering through a realm surrounded with a great sense of foreboding and danger; we listen to the woes of the residents and battle the giant and terrifying monsters that terrorise them in a bid to bring them safety, and we act out ancient legends that steer us to overcome a great evil that threatens the very existence of the world.

And in spite of all this tension that we experience when playing a Zelda game, there’s still time to help out a guy who literally lives inside a toilet, play Battleships with a shopkeeper in fancy dress and rock out with an overenthusiastic merman who uses a dead fish for a guitar. For all the seriousness and high drama built up by Nintendo, they aren’t at all afraid to be weird or downright silly if it means enjoyment for the player.

This piece by American artist, SootToon, captures exactly that sentiment and highlights one of the things I love about the Zelda franchise. It’s a place where the incredible and the absurd live side by side and we’re given the chance to experience it all.

Link Mikau Guitar

Every time I look at this picture I genuinely chuckle to myself — I just can’t help it! The goofy look on Mikau’s face is infectious and Link’s utter confusion just adds to the hilarity. The cartoony, casual comic-book style helps accentuate the sense of childishness and the Zora’s singing rounds out the oddness wonderfully.

I’d really love to see an entire series drawn in this style. I’d read stacks and stacks of comic books detailing the adventures of our silent hero, focusing on the weird and wonderful folk inhabiting Hyrule and the strange shenanigans they get up to.

Who else do you think would show up in a Zelda comedy?