We’re gearing up for a final round of 30th anniversary celebrations and we need your help! We’ve compiled a list of iconic artwork that we think best represents the spirit of The Legend of Zelda and captures elements such as adventure, courage, friendship, adversity, and joy. We’d love for you to vote for your favorite images that you feel epitomize The Legend of Zelda. After the poll has closed, the overall top images chosen will be used later for something really special, so stay tuned for an announcement soon.

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  • It’s so hard to pick just five. Almost every single one of these is one that I feel truly evokes that Zelda feeling.

  • Fabrizio Silveri

    The most iconic is a hard choice for me, between the Hyrule Field from OoT and the Master Sword from ALttP.
    Since I could choose 5, though, it was easy!
    After those two:
    – Link’s transformation from MM
    – TP characters
    – Link’s Skyward pose from SS
    They might not be representative of the whole series as the first two are, but they are as beautiful and recognizable – which is to say, iconic

  • David K.

    Fierce Diety is one of the most beautiful but didn’t make my top 5 since I don’t feel it’s representative of the Zelda experience or even Majoras Mask.

  • TajRoy Duane Calhoun
    • Kenneth Hosick

      classic just like the first picture. shame no link to the past art

    • Hans Olo

      None, Zelda lost appeal 15 years ago when stupid cell shading went out of style in favor of good games like Skyrim……..you know the game that Nintendo recently praised and modeled breath of pee after.

  • my booths

    I love several but I think the most “iconic” artwork is the Master Sword in the grove..

  • Elizabeth Jean Sullivan

    The Twilight Princess is the next Zelda poster I’m going to buy for my collection

  • Dan0709

    Most iconic of “THAT” list would have to be the Master Sword from ALttP. Easily. Other arts are amazing and all that, but we are talking about iconic here. Each piece is iconic in its own way and its own game, but that view of the master sword is iconic across maaany games in the series. Just a thought.

    • my booths

      agreed 🙂