The Game Awards were held earlier this month over a YouTube livestream, and Breath of the Wild won the “Most Anticipated Game” category for 2016. But the best part about that night was that Nintendo released new footage of the Zelda game during this stream, and revealed another composition off the official soundtrack called “Life in the Ruins”.

To be able to get another look at the Breath of the Wild gameplay was enough to bring excitement to fans around the world, but getting a sneak peek of the soundtrack was even more of a treat. “Life in the Ruins” brings all of the magic of previous Zelda music and carries it over to this highly anticipated game. When I first watched this trailer, the one aspect that stuck out to me the most was the beautiful music. It’s absolutely enchanting, and fits perfectly with the gameplay that is shown. Breath of the Wild is sure to be a breathtaking game; 2017 can’t come soon enough!