Figure fabricators Jakks Pacific have unveiled wave 9 of their World of Nintendo figures. There’s been a few repaints of older figures, and Inkling Boy is included for the first time for all you Splatoon fans.

One of the figures to get a new look is Wind Waker Link, who loses his Ganondorf-intimidating scowl from wave 6 in favour of a big grin. He also comes with a Wind Waker rather than a sword, suggesting Link’s clearly far happier making music than mauling Moblins.

There’s also a new light blue Yoshi, a new Mario (this time with open hands) and a new Samus. The latter comes in her rather awesome looking Phazon Suit from Metroid Prime.


  • Ima Badlady

    ehhhh… Can’t they give other LoZ characters a chance?

    • Film Rewind

      Agreed. I’d like for them to do an ALTTP or a Twilight Princess…or The Nintendo Power ALTTP comic version.

  • Film Rewind

    He has a sheath on so he may have a sword just no shield.