When I stumbled upon this fantastic piece on Deviantart, my jaw literally dropped. I’m in love with the mythos of Japan, portrayals of samurai and of course, The Legend of Zelda, so this represents a perfect storm for me.

Take a bow, Pertheseus — ‘The Myth of Zelda – Link-Zelda’ is magnificent.

Somewhere, in alternate universe, this incredible picture acts as a piece of concept art for a Zelda game set amidst the backdrop of bitterly warring families, awe-inspiring armies and powerful rampaging Oni. The various races in the Zelda universe fit into the theme of feudal Japan like a glove; the Dekus, Zoras, Gorons, Koroks and Rito, all commanded by flawed leaders, squabbling for supremacy whilst Hyrule is ravaged by evil.

I can imagine Link as he is here, a heroic, wandering ronin, roaming the broken lands to serve up justice with the Katana of Evils Bane. Whilst clad in a paler green than we’re used to, Link maintains his traditional palette, though his customary hat, tunic and leggings have been transformed an impressive kimono and traditional rice hat. The white in his outfit has become more of a grey, that, along with the brooding look on his face, could allude to a certain amount of ambiguity for our protagonist — perhaps we would see our first portrayal of Link as an anti-hero instead of the golden boy we’re used to.

Often portrayed as a warrior princess, Zelda truly fits that bill here — katana in hand, she has a truly regal presence unseen since Twilight Princess, and seems to exude a power almost bordering on menace, in keeping with a harsh and unforgiving vision of Hyrule. Her garb is beautiful and flamboyant without being overly feminine; the large bow at her sternum is reminiscent of a geisha’s kimono without the painted face and pristine hair associated with Japan’s traditional entertainers.

Thinking on all of that, answer me this, dear readers — why are we not funding this?!