Welcome fellow ghouls and gals! Abandon hope all ye who enter, as Zelda Universe invites you to a week long celebration of scares. Journey with me through the realm of shadows for a devilishly disturbing melody to haunt your dreams on this all hallows eve. Listen…If you dare.

Here is gathered our bloody history of greed and hatred.

So sayeth the possessed death’s head on thy entrance into the temple of shadows. It is in this temple of shadows that ye shall find the truly horrific horrors of the redeads, the dreadful dead hand, and the eerie soundtrack that my liege Demon Lord Ghirahim of the Youtube realm has masterfully rearranged to lure thy flesh into a grim frenzy.

If thy, my fellow fiend, hath a more monstrous melody then scream your wickedness in the comments below. Happy Halloween!

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