Welcome to this week’s Fanart Friday. Today I have chosen “The Little Hylian” by Flickr User Daniel Bressette. This picture reminded me of how Majora’s Mask was such a weird and fantastically original game that felt like a Studio Ghibli film. Like Chihiro in Spirited Away, Link finds himself in a magical new land and is instantly running around trying to save everything and everyone. Saving people and the whole world can take a lot out of a boy, so it’s nice to chill out every now and then, which is what I imagine Link is doing in this artwork, even if it is on top of the moon.

I love the custom typography and the simple little details like the eyes on the moon, the rose and Link’s scarf (when did Link ever have a scarf?). I’m a huge fan of the Chibi style so I really hope that Nintendo decides to one day do a Chibi style game similar to this.

Sound off in the comments below on your favorite art styles and what kind of Legend of Zelda game you would like to see.

the little hylian


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