Videogame code is complete gobbledygook to me; I’m much more comfortable with Hylian. But for those of you who understand the crazy magic that allows us all to hunt Bokoblins and slay Octoroks you may find the following video rather interesting.

Sockfolder the Glitch Hunter, as I’ve now crowned him, found an elaborate way to jump to the end of the NES Legend of Zelda in a little under four minutes. It’s a complex process involving naming all three save slots something specific, spawning a graveyard full of ghosts, and playing the whistle when the in-game music hits the right moment in order to freak out the game’s code, resulting in Link being loaded right into Zelda’s chamber.

If you want to know how it’s done, (or like me want to watch something cool whilst not having a single clue what on Earth is happening) check out the video below.