Happy Monday everyone! If anyone is suffering from the common Monday blues, I have the perfect video for you to check out. Back in June, David Ramos released this beautiful cover of the main theme from Breath of the Wild onto his YouTube channel. This cover was created by using the ocarina and piano to replicate the sound of the original piece. I’ve always adored Zelda covers that include the ocarina, which is why this video immediately caught my eye (and my ears).

The ocarina is such a wonderful instrument, and it really breaths life into this already stunning piece. The piano and the ocarina work together to create such a magnificent sound, and I quickly fell in love with cover. I even bring it up on my phone when I’m driving so I can listen to the music on my speakers when I commute to school every morning. This song is really special to me, and I’m so excited to be able to share it with all of you. Definitely make sure to give this a listen!