Ocarina of Time will always hold a special place in my heart as one of the first Zelda games I have ever played. I vividly remember the excitement that I felt when Ocarina of Time 3D was released on the Nintendo 3DS for the very first time in 2011. After completing the game and cherishing every moment, I couldn’t help but want to experience the game once again. So, I played the game on Hero Mode for about the eighth time until I realized that there were other ways that I could get my Ocarina of Time fix.

While digging through the internet to try and find the location of a sneaky Gold Skulltula one night, I came across a link to a YouTube video that covered all of the Gold Skulltula locations in the game. I had occasionally referred to online hints and walkthroughs when I was really stuck in a game, but I had never really delved into the depths of YouTube game walkthroughs. However, as a visual learner, it was much easier for me to see each Gold Skulltula and its surroundings in the game rather than just reading about it on a web page. I found myself watching the entire guide that night, even though I knew where most of the Skulltulas were already. It was just so entertaining to hear the voice-over along with the game, and I was just as immersed as when I play Ocarina of Time on my own.

Remembering that night sent me right back to my laptop to search through more YouTube videos. In that moment, I found dozens of Ocarina of Time walkthroughs scattered all across YouTube. I found myself watching Zelda Dungeon’s walkthrough of Ocarina of Time all the way through. I spent countless nights staying up until 2 or 3am, because I kept clicking the next part of the walkthrough when I really should have gone to bed!

It was so much fun to watch someone else take the same journey that I had already taken and hear about their thoughts and interpretation.

Zelda walkthroughs were just the beginning for me. To this day, I still love watching other people play video games online while providing their commentary. It makes me so happy to watch somebody in a walkthrough beat a hard boss or overcome an obstacle, and different players teach me new ways to approach a game. Zelda has definitely awakened my love for YouTube walkthroughs, and has even inspired me to try and create my own.