For anyone who played The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker after Majora’s Mask, or even Ocarina of Time, the art style was a significant departure from the earlier titles. Although many fans still crave a photorealistic Legend of Zelda, the art style of The Wind Waker was gorgeous and really set the game apart from other titles in the franchise as well as in the genre. Inspired by the style, Tumblr artist Jessica Plummer created this gouache painting of Link feeding the Fishman in exchange for a map update and some obscure knowledge about the local island.

Wind waker link

What I love about this piece in particular is, after everything that Link has witnessed on his various adventures, he can still be surprised by a talking fish. That look on Link is priceless, and the chibi style is perfect for conveying that. The fact that the artist went with gouache over traditional watercolours also adds to the depth and texture which are needed to replicate the art style of The Wind Waker.

Cucco’s aside, Link is one of my favourite characters in gaming due to his relationships with nature and the way he communicates with animals. This piece of art captures the essence of that beautifully, even for such a bizarre game mechanic. This piece was done as a birthday gift to fellow Tumblr user cyspixel, so for future reference to any artists reading this, now you all know what to get me for my birthday.