The official Legend of Zelda UK Facebook page continues to tease fans with familiar highlights of Breath of the Wild. The latest clip in what is becoming a long line of videos showcases Link’s ability with his bow and various arrows.

Alongside the sound and true normal arrows Link lets loose bomb, fire, and ice arrows; returning favorites from previous series entries. The third-person perspective allows for smooth aiming without having to go into first-person view, and the current UI lets the player select what arrow type they want in a way similar to Wind Waker. (Fans should remember game footage isn’t final, so it’s possible the selection process could change by the time the game comes out.)

The shift to third-person is a change I heartily welcome. I enjoy watching the animation as Link draws a magic arrow and the power builds in the arrowhead. Unfortunately, the Bokoblins don’t seem to be fans of Link’s skills in archery. It’s a good thing Link knows how to cool them down after making them burning mad.

What arrows are you most looking forward to using? Let us know which one is your favorite!