As The Legend of Zelda turns 30 years old and as developers put the finishing touches on Breath of the Wild, it’s an exciting time to be a Zelda fan. Hyrule is a world full of history and lore, and there’s so much of this franchise to explore and discuss. If you have lots of opinions about Zelda, and ideas on what the series does well and how it can improve, and you would relish the chance to write about it, then you might consider joining our Features team.

The Features team is responsible for creating our editorials and opinion articles. We’re all about delving deep into the franchise to find insights about the world of Hyrule and its characters. We’re about looking past the shiny graphics of a new trailer and figuring out how all if all those bold promises are going to pan out and how they might be implemented. We’re about investigating timeline connections. We’re about digging through manuals and game scripts to speculate on the history of Hyrule never publicly revealed. We’re about saying what concepts and gameplay work well in Zelda and why. We’re about having opinions. We’re about boldly claiming why we like (and sometimes don’t like) Zelda.

Does that sound like you? If so, great! We’re looking for a few good Hylians who:

  • are fluent in English,
  • have previous writing experience,
  • are passionate about Zelda and have played many of the games in the franchise, and
  • are creative and can express themselves well.

As for what we we’re asking you to do, we’re looking for people who:

  • can draft two- to five-page essays about Zelda once every two months,
  • are willing to commit to occasional deadlines,
  • will work with editors to create the best articles possible,
  • will keep in frequent contact with the rest of the staff using our online chat room (we want you to be part of the team!),
  • are willing to do a little bit of Internet research, and
  • are willing to commit to the position for a decent amount of time.

It’s also important to note that all positions here are voluntary; we don’t get paid for our time. We all do this because we love The Legend of Zelda very much!

If I haven’t scared you off yet, please sent us your application to with the subject line “Feature Writer Application.” In your application, please include:

  • your first and last name,
  • your age,
  • an overview of previous working experience (we value writing experience above all, though any job experience you’ve done is certainly good to include!),
  • anything you feel that demonstrates your writing talent (via links or attachments), including published articles, editorials, theories, quality forum posts, fan fiction, blogs, essays, etc.

Sorting through these applications will take time, so please don’t feel discouraged if we don’t hire you 15 minutes after you click Send. We will do our best to stay in contact with you and let you know the status of your application, so please give us a week or two to make sure we give your application the best chance of acceptance.

We strive for professionalism in what we do, but the secret truth is that volunteering on staff is really a lot of fun. We like to bounce crazy ideas off of one another, talk about what video games we’re playing and are loving, and also make new friends that are equally passionate about the series. A lot of highly talented staff are ready to meet you!

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