I’ve always had very fond memories of Twilight Princess; ones that trace all the way back to my high school days. High school wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable time for me personally, and a lot of times I ended up feeling like I was an outcast in my school, or the “weird nerd” that not many people could relate to. Due to this feeling, I mostly stayed on the outskirts of school activities and surrounded myself with a few of my closest friends. It was always hard for me to open up about the things I was passionate about because I was so scared of being dismissed or looked down upon. That was up until I met T Do, one of the nerdiest people that I have ever met.

We met in chorus class during my junior year, and soon after we began talking I realized that she was an incredibly talented piano player. I would go over to her house after school some days, and I vividly remember her playing “Zelda’s Lullaby” for me for the first time on her piano. She moved her fingers in simple strokes with so much emotion down the piano keys, and I just stood in awe as I watched her perform the piece. It was through her music that we began to reminisce over our Zelda experiences and bond over our nerdy passions for music and gaming. For the first time, I felt as if my love for video games wasn’t so strange after all.

I was more comfortable talking about the games that I loved, because I recognized that they were an incredibly important part of me and who I was.

After listening to her play, she would immediately look at me and pull out her Wii. If we weren’t playing Skyward Sword, we would always turn to Twilight Princess, mostly because we thought Twilight Princess Link was remarkably swoon-worthy. Whenever I would fail to operate Wolf Link properly with the Wii controls, T Do would swiftly take the controller out of my hands and defeat all of the Shadow Beasts. It was amazing to have someone to play Zelda with, and her knowledge and dedication made it that much more enjoyable.

I always looked forward to sleeping over T Do’s house, because I knew the night was going to filled with Zelda and music making. Just listening to T Do playing Zelda’s Lullaby inspired me to write my own lyrics to the tune, and I would softly hum along while she played the sweet, nostalgic melody. Now whenever I see Twilight Princess or hear Zelda’s Lullaby, I always think of T Do and the wonderful times that we’ve shared together. It also stays with me as the first time that I wasn’t afraid to embrace my passions. T Do and Zelda gave me the confidence to accept myself the way that I am, and to live each day in the nerdiest way possible.