From the moment you switch on The Wind Waker, you know you’re involved in something that’s just a little bit different than anything that came before. The King of Red Lions edging before the sun gave an immediate impact and the sweeping views of Outset Island showed off the new love-it-or-hate-it graphics style — but what made the biggest impression on a lot of fans was the theme song.

The undulating melodies on the flute and fiddle have a very Celtic, sea shanty sound that perfectly set the tone for the wave-borne adventure ahead. Amateur pianist and YouTube performer, AndrewPlaysPiano, has done a wonderful job with his own arrangement of the piece that made the hairs on my arms stand on end.

The original melody is prominent but has been seamlessly interspersed with his own work, extending it beyond the snippet we were offered by the game. The bouncy chord changes give a beautiful uplifting feel, giving a lovely celebratory sound that’s perhaps more reminiscent of a wedding than a hardship-laden adventure — it wouldn’t feel at all out of place as a “well done” outro/credits piece.

The final 40 seconds eases down the tempo and brings a more sombre tone to the fore, certainly in keeping with the sacrifices our favoured hero has to make in order to fulfil his duties. For me, the arrangement perfectly sums up Link both leaving Outset and his grandma behind for the first time: an infectious sense of enthusiasm for what lies ahead, tinged with the sadness of what must also be left behind.

Thank you, Andrew, for a fantastic rendition of one of my absolute favourites!