Merchoid, seller of official geek merchandise, has unveiled a new dress inspired by the upcoming Legend of Zelda title, Breath of the Wild. Amusingly dubbed the “Dress of the Wild,” the sleeveless dress comes in the “Link green” color and features an equipment belt print reminiscent of Link’s classic tunic, as well as a Triforce crest.

BotW dress 1

The print continues around the back, adding a bit of realism to the dress. It’s perfect for anyone who is in the mood for casual cosplay, whether around the house or on an adventure.

BotW dress 2

Currently, the dress is set to release in September. Pre-orders are open with a price of £30.99/€39,99/$36.99 (That includes free worldwide shipping!), and is available in sizes S-XXL. However, be aware that payment is processed at the time of the pre-order.

Will you be picking this dress up? Feel free to share your pictures with us on Twitter if you do — we love seeing our followers’ devotion to The Legend of Zelda. 

  • NasiDe

    i’m not really sure how it’s botw inspired. there hasn’t been a green tunic yet or anything. it looks more similar to twilight princess’s green over anything.

    • Lorna Martinez

      It’s not, this design has been around way before BotW was even announced. They’re just taking advantage of the hype.

      • NasiDe

        I thought so. That’s kinda disappointing. :/
        Thanks for the answer.