Folk singer songwriter Brooke Surgener has sent us her latest music video for the song “Be Your Babe”, and it is every kind of awesome. It features a tonne of people all resplendent in Zelda cosplay, with Brooke herself taking on the role of Malon attempting to woo the Hero of Time himself.

The video features plenty of Zelda characters, mostly from Ocarina of Time, including Saria, the postman, and even Epona! There’s even a small Smash Bros. moment with Sheik taking out the Skull Kid with a roundhouse kick. My personal favourite though was the guy dressed as Tingle. He absolutely nailed it. The song itself is a sweet ballade featuring ukulele and acoustic guitar, with a slight country feel. Brooke definitely puts the cherry in the pie with her great voice. Check out the video in all it’s glory below, and be sure to listen to some of Brooke’s other material!

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