So. First thing’s first. Hello. I’m Elias. I’m one of those guys that came over from the Zelda Eternity merger. Over there, I was a vaguely defined “Administrator,” and my responsibilities were equally as vague, involving paying for things, code base support, on-location news reporting, managerial advisement, etc. Over here on ZU, I’ve hopped around on different teams probably for the same reason: I can be helpful in a lot of places, mostly because, back in the day, I started and ran my own Metroid fan site, Metroid HQ, for a number of years. And that’s why I’m here on your screen today.

Much like Zelda Eternity’s “Zelda for Eternity” annual charity stream, Metroid HQ puts on its own yearly video game marathon for Child’s Play Charity, who, for those that aren’t aware, tries to help improve the quality of life for kids in hospitals and shelters by providing plenty of age-appropriate video games. We’ve raised thousands for this charity in years past, and hope to raise more than we ever have this year. The marathon, called “MHQthon,” is a little special this year, as it lines up with the 30th anniversary of the Metroid series. All in attendance (myself included) will play through every single Metroid game and premiere the official full release of the popular fan game Another Metroid 2 Remake. There’ll also be giveaways, donation incentives, and I’ll probably yet again eat something I shouldn’t if we reach enough donations.

“That sounds really fun!” you might say. “How can I make sure that I’m there to watch all 100+ hours of nothing but Metroid?” you might ask. Well I’m glad you hypothetically asked. MHQthon will go live on one week from now, on August 5 at 3pm PDT.

When I pitched this write up to the news people I figured “You know, these guys like Zelda, so maybe they’ll like Metroid too!” Guys. Please don’t make me a liar. Do it for the kids, the Metroid, and the fun. Hope to see you all there!

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