Welcome, Zelda fans, to this week’s Throwback Thursday.

Link’s adventures through Hyrule and beyond are usually logical and pretty normal by typical fantasy genre standards. The creators of Majora’s Mask, however, decided to take things in a completely different direction as they shipped Link off to the land of Termina.

As if Link’s ability to transform himself into other species using masks (creepy transformation cut scenes included) weren’t enough, the land of Termina is filled to the brim with unorthodox characters and events. And the subject of this week’s Throwback Thursday was recalling the fond memory of when I started to question Nintendo’s decision making process and possibly its sanity. Yes, I’m referring to that moment when Link met the hand in the toilet.

So on my first play through, the trauma of seeing such a sight scarred me for life and going to the bathroom has never been the same since. Now, whenever I play the game, I deliberately avoid the bathroom around midnight (in the game and in real life), and to this day my heart piece collection has suffered badly for it.

I can only imagine that the backstory of the hand in the toilet is formed from the same stuff that nightmares are made from. Maybe there’s an ancient Japanese prophecy that tells of a haunted bathroom where the cursed hand preys on its users. Maybe it’s creators lost a drunk bet while singing karaoke and were forced to put it in the final master. Maybe the toilet has magical powers and swallowed a poor guest of the inn, leaving only a paper towel-hungry hand. Whatever the reason, the hand in the toilet is one of the strangest things in the Zelda universe. And the worst part is they did it again in Skyward Sword! I can only hope that future Zelda games forego any bathroom related activities to save players from expensive therapy bills.

Seriously, Nintendo, what were you thinking?!

For those of you who are brave enough (seriously, whats wrong with you?), check out the video of Link’s strange encounter below.