It was a while before I was able to play either Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons. It was very hard to find; I looked on Amazon only to find ridiculous prices for the two games. I had given up hope until my 17th birthday, when my two amazing friends pitched in and found both copies of the games for me. Now was the next step: which one to play first? It took me a while to decide, but once I heard the cover of “Nayru’s Song” by ZREO (or Zelda Reorchestrated), I had immediately made up my mind.

The melody of this song is so haunting, yet so beautiful. Although the 8-bit original track is nice to listen to, I personally love what ZREO has done by adding in orchestral instruments. The choir is also gorgeous! I can just envision thousands of fairies joining Nayru with an eerie harmony as the woodland creatures listen in silence. Another admirable detail is how the strings seem to get stronger and stronger as the song progresses. It is as if the music is foretelling the events to come.

This reorchestration is so lovely, I hope that Z.R.E.O. eventually make a remix of the more lively “Din’s Dance” in the future. ZREO has done such a wonderful job at bringing new light to this song, there is nothing for me to nitpick at all! They have covered many other pieces from a variety of Zelda games and are absolutely worth checking out on their website.