This week’s Fanart Friday is one that I hold very close to my Heart Containers, so much so that I actually have a print of this very piece hanging in my lounge. “Link to the Past Final HD” by DeviantArt’s Billysan291 is a delicious rendering of Link squaring up against Ganon, showcasing the final boss battle from A Link to the Past.

This picture brings back so many memories from my childhood; at age eleven A Link to the Past was my first foray into the Zelda franchise and was the first game to truly capture my imagination. It was also the first time I can remember being immersed in a fantasy world brought to life through the medium of video games, sparking my interest in games with more in-depth worlds, characters and plotlines.

This is the one that started it all.


Viewed through the eyes of youth and wonder, I realise now that my memories of this game are exactly as vibrant and velvet smooth as this piece –while it isn’t supposed to be an accurate portrayal of the in-game visuals, I can certainly say that this is how it’s always looked in my mind’s eye!

Ganon looks a dark and brooding force and Link strikes a diminutive, yet noble, stance. The elaborate HUD finishes off the picture so well, reminding you that this isn’t just an image: it’s a gorgeous rendition of an actual playable battle, dragging you in, stirring memories of the foreboding battle music and making you wish had a controller in your hand.

Has anyone else suddenly got an itch to replay A Link to The Past this weekend?