Do you love Nicolas Cage? Do you act like a crood when you see him on screen? Do you find yourself screaming, “No! Not the bees!” randomly throughout the day? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, I have some good news: You can now play a Majora’s Mask mod that has Cage’s beautiful mug grafted onto almost every conceivable surface. And the best part? It’s completely free and you won’t need to worry about a ride on the Jailbird or anyone seeking justice if you download it.

We first found ourselves knowing about this Nicolas Cage texture pack adaption for Majora’s Mask back in 2013. Now, three years later, the entire internet has access to what can undoubtedly be the ultimate video game face/off. Everyone from Link to Epona to Majora’s Mask itself has a new smile a la Cage. Even the clock on the game’s HUD is blessed with his glorious face while the ever-threatening moon is a little, well, moonstruck. Truly, if you snag this mod, you won’t be rolling snake eyes.

Shanye Hawke has created and released this kick-ass, Criken produced mod for free on Windows operating systems, however, there is a way to donate and support the creators so they won’t need to feel like a waitress hoping to win the lottery. They are also uploading a playthrough of the mod so that the world can join them for the best of times while they navigate Termina like you’ve never seen it before.

So don’t be left behind, download The Cage’s Mask Mod today!

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  • Shona

    So many Cage puns! How many do _you_ count? XD

  • Nicholas Turner

    It was a real pleasure making this texture pack, I hope you all enjoy!

  • Shayne Hawke

    It was a real pleasure making this mod. I hope you all enjoy! :]

    • Shona

      Thank you for creating something truly beautiful

    • Bacon Informer

      10/10 would cage again
      PS: I was never on this fansite you never found me

      • JasonBall

        Ooh. The treachery runs deep.

  • True Davad

    Lol, this sounds amazing. People do the craziest things on the internet and it frequently turns out hilarious. I approve this mod as much as I can without testing it, which I would probably do if I did that kind of thing on the computer. I am sure it is amazing.

  • The Lavender Swirlix

    this is truly fantastic and hilarious all at the same time, my ex would love this! XD

    great post