Shigeru Miyamoto, a man all of us here at Zelda Universe owe a debt of gratitude to, sat down with Game Informer recently to talk about Breath of the Wild and the shape that the franchise could take beyond this new adventure.

Miyamoto points out that despite all the hubbub about Breath of the Wild redefining the Zelda franchise, they strive to create a new experience for players with each entry. Whether it’s through gameplay mechanics or linearity of the narrative, it’s clear that this time around his goal for the game was having an integral interaction with and recreation of nature. From what we’ve seen thus far, I think that goal has been reached.

Miyamoto goes on to discuss the reasons for delaying the game’s release, as well as development possibilities for future entries. Check out the full interview below!

  • Dan0709

    Pleeeeeeaaase let that Sheik Spin-off game happen like you mentioned Miyamoto…After all, you’re talking about new entries with new experiences, and that title could be very well one of them

    • Michael Cortorreal

      XD they will team up with Omega Force or Team Ninja to make that game 😛
      Would be interesting a Sheik with Tenchu Style though

      • Dan0709

        i’m up for anything really, as long as it’s sheik xD…well not anything…i don’t want a trading card game LOL

      • True Davad

        I don’t want what happened to Samus in other M to happen to Sheik. Team Ninja was at least part of what did that to Samus. A playable Sheik is great if they do it right.