Marin plays to the beat of the battle in new Link’s Awakneing-themed DLC for Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Fighting with the power of the Wind Fish, Marin cuts down foes to the tune of her lyrical voice. The islander is a force to be reckoned with while she is using the Sea Lily’s Bell, one of the eight instruments of the sirens you are tasked with collecting in Link’s Awakening.

Linkle's New Boots

Also included in the DLC pack are Pegasus Boots for Linkle! Our heroine in green charges into the fray with high flying kicks courtesy of her new boots.

Power up with instruments

A new Adventure Mode map, inspired by Link’s Awakening, is also included. Travel as Marin as she wanders through Koholint, finding musical instruments to be used as power ups.

Not shown in the trailer are the 15 new My Fairy costumes available in the pack! What do you think about this new DLC? Will you buy or pass?