This post will contain spoilers for the upcoming game Breath of the Wild.

If you were watching the E3 Treehouse stream today, you may have seen one of Nintendo’s employees skipping through some of the Old Man’s dialogue in order to reach a treasure chest before the segment was set to end.  While the text looked to be important, it was impossible for those watching to read it.  Fortunately, Tumblr user din-farore-nayru has us covered, providing high-quality screenshots of the dialogue and revealing some interesting story details.

breath of the wild story 1 (spoilers) breath of the wild story 2 (spoilers) breath of the wild story 3 (spoilers) Breath of the wild story 4 (Spoilers)breath of the wild story 5 (spoilers) breath of the wild story 6 (spoilers) breath of the wild story 7 (spoilers)

“The appearance of those towers and the awakening of this shrine… It’s all connected to that Sheikah Slate you carry on your hip there. Long ago, an advanced civilization known as the Sheikah inhabited these lands. It has been quite some time since I’ve seen or heard of the Sheikah Slate… It was the power and wisdom of the Sheikah that saved this land time and time again. But their civilization disappeared long ago… or so it is said. It is interesting, however, to think… that something of them might still remain hidden away in a shrine such as this,” says the Old Man.

So it looks like the blue towers that were featured in the recent concept art are a new addition to Hyrule, but what exactly are they? Will we ever find out what happened to the Sheikah?  And does the above text hint that the Sheikah have played an even larger role in adventures past than we originally thought? Hopefully more info on the game’s story will be revealed within the coming days!