This post will contain spoilers for the upcoming game Breath of the Wild.

If you were watching the E3 Treehouse stream today, you may have seen one of Nintendo’s employees skipping through some of the Old Man’s dialogue in order to reach a treasure chest before the segment was set to end.  While the text looked to be important, it was impossible for those watching to read it.  Fortunately, Tumblr user din-farore-nayru has us covered, providing high-quality screenshots of the dialogue and revealing some interesting story details.

breath of the wild story 1 (spoilers) breath of the wild story 2 (spoilers) breath of the wild story 3 (spoilers) Breath of the wild story 4 (Spoilers)breath of the wild story 5 (spoilers) breath of the wild story 6 (spoilers) breath of the wild story 7 (spoilers)

“The appearance of those towers and the awakening of this shrine… It’s all connected to that Sheikah Slate you carry on your hip there. Long ago, an advanced civilization known as the Sheikah inhabited these lands. It has been quite some time since I’ve seen or heard of the Sheikah Slate… It was the power and wisdom of the Sheikah that saved this land time and time again. But their civilization disappeared long ago… or so it is said. It is interesting, however, to think… that something of them might still remain hidden away in a shrine such as this,” says the Old Man.

So it looks like the blue towers that were featured in the recent concept art are a new addition to Hyrule, but what exactly are they? Will we ever find out what happened to the Sheikah?  And does the above text hint that the Sheikah have played an even larger role in adventures past than we originally thought? Hopefully more info on the game’s story will be revealed within the coming days!

  • Catqueen25

    Is it me, or is Link shirtless here? I can’t wait for this game!

    • Alex Endsley

      He is XD In the snow, no less.

    • Shona

      I have a feeling a lot of people will be playing shirtless XD

    • Esteban Zuno

      Yeah, the girl who played this part was so excited to play him shirtless. Poor link he was like that in the ice mountain jaja

  • Dan0709

    Interesting…seriously curious about the whole placing of this story in the timline

    • Shona

      We’re probably going to do a feature article about that very soon. The ZU staff have been speculating about the timeline ever since the stream started.

      • Dan0709

        yeah that would be a nice article to see, it’s definitely one of the big questions right now

    • Daniel McNotMyRealName

      There’s something that looks an awful lot like the Bridge of Eldin, as well as an area that resembles Twilight Princess’ take on Kakariko Village, so I was thinking Child.

      But… Koroks. Meaning, Adult (also, that tropical beach has got me thinking it’s the Great Sea post-flood).

      • Fabrizio Silveri

        The Rock Salt item description says it comes from “an ancient sea”… I’d go with Adult!

  • JaidynReiman

    The towers being a new addition makes perfect sense. They don’t seem like something that’s so incredibly obvious. Clearly, they existed in ancient hyrule and were sealed away. This really helps paint a picture that defines something important:

    It doesn’t tie down the storyline to being “around” Skyward Sword. These towers could’ve been brought back at any point, and all of the shrines are well hidden (and likely also only activated due to the Sheikah Slate).

  • Larkeicus

    Isn’t anyone concerned about the choice of words of the old man? He said “Power and Wisdom of the Sheikah”…but why? why not also Courage? Does it actually mean anything?

    • Fabrizio Silveri

      I didn’t notice that!
      Well, Link’s the Courage, so it definitely means something! Maybe they put Link to sleep in order to “summon” his courage as the voice did at the beginning of the game…

  • Joana Cartageno

    Okay, if the sheikahs saved the land “once and once again”, this game can’t be set after the flood. Why? Because that land is new and still hasn’t been saved by any sheikahs. Then, it is set in the defeated hero timeline or in the child’s timeline. It can’t be that this Link is the one from OoT because we know that child Link became Hero’s Shade. It can’t be located before SS either because back then, the sheikahs hadn’t saved the land and there would be no time for Kokiris to evolve into Koroks. Now, a posibility is that this game is set far away in the future and this Link is the Link from TP. He can’t be the Link from OoT because he became Hero’s Shade, he can’t be Link from MM because that’s just too far away in the timeline (generations had already passed between MM and TP) so the only option available is that either it’s a whole new Link or it’s Link from TP (maybe that’d explain Wolf Link and the fact Aonuma stated BotW would make you want to replay TP). It can also be placed after The Adventure of Link (that’d support the statement Aonuma did during the streaming: “Zelda came back to its roots”). In Hyrule Historia, it clearly says that “[…] or did the curtain rise on an age of darkness, when people quarreled in their search for power? The future of this timeline has yet to be unraveled.”
    Let’s assume it did, and an era of darkness fell upon Hyrule. Now, a Link that was put to sleep (could be either Link from tAoL or the one from TLoZ). But then, there’s something that bugs me – we’ve been some Gerudo references, and that would point us in the child timeline direction. Call it a hunch, but I believe this game will be set far in the future of the child timeline. It is Link from TP and after FSA Hyrule suffered some kind of cataclysm. Now, in TP there’s only one Sheikah left (Impaz) and that race is almost forgotten, that’d explain the words of the Old Man (“their civilization disappeared long ago, or so it is said” – if I’m right, that civilization disappeared around 100 years ago, being Impaz the last sheikah to be seen alive). Blessed by the gods, the sheikah were powerful and they’re strongly linked to high technology (even before the events of SS, there was a high tech civilization, which was probably sheikah). Considering the fact they had planned all the Dominion Rod stuff back in TP, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had also planned the events that take place in BotW and left the Slate to guide and aid Link in his journey. Now, let’s assume I’m right and it’s set in the child time line and it’s Link from TP. The question is “why?” – sheikahs know Link will be born again if he is needed, why would they need to keep that same Link alive? Well, there’re two reasons: there’s something special about TP Link that no other Link could have or, Ganon was actually never properly killed and thus, sheikahs feared that he may come back before another Link was born. No matter the reason, it’d justify the presence of Wolf Link (there’s no logical explanation for Wolf Link to appear from nowhere, because Wolf Link is Link and unless there’re two Links in this moment of the timeline, we can only expect to justify Wolf Link to be there). Another thing that has me thinking it’s TP Link is the fact that he hides his identity. During the first gameplay we saw (the one where Link shoots that blue arrow), Link hid himself as long as he could. Might it be that he doesn’t want Ganon to know he’s there? Something else that’d back up my theory is that he has no companion (or so we’re told). This Link already had a companion (Midna) who banished for ever. But, the way I see it, the voice that comes from the Slate is the companion; we may never see it, but a voice explaining things and trying to help us sounds like a companion to me. Might that be someone who sealed themselves into the Slate? That would make the Slate Link’s companion. Who could that be? A sheikah, Midna, Zelda herself, who knows? I feel there’s much more to unravel, but I also feel my theory is not that wrong. I don’t have a youtube channel but I did post a theory about this game some months ago and I was right about almost everything, so I feel confident about this theory too. Does anybody share my thoughts?

    • RosenKreuz

      Not really, this COULD be parallel to Spirit Tracks where the flood has resided in the old hyrule and thus the new life began, back then the Sheikahs were already extinct so we have that too.

    • Guardian181188

      You may be overspeculating a fair bit, so just chill, breath, and go over what you’ve typed, because you sound way too hyped up, and not for the game, just in general, because you can’t be too hyped for Zelda 😉

  • Ruud

    Yeah! Old man is back! 🙂