One of the new pieces of information gleaned from the treasure trove of Breath of the Wild footage we saw yesterday was that players don’t have to rely on the GamePad for their map access. Whilst the set-up we had previously seen at the Game Awards is presumably still in tact, players can also view their map on the Sheikah Slate, in a sub-menu. Fans of the Wii U’s Pro Controller may have been hoping that this meant their pad of choice was supported, and that has now been confirmed as the case!

This being an NX title, as well as a Wii U game, many were wondering if this porting to Nintendo’s next console meant that the NX controller would also feature a screen. Support for the Pro Controller means that that’s not necessarily the case. Producer Eiji Aonuma has stated that Breath of the Wild will be the ‘same experience’ on both consoles, so it doesn’t sound like there will be any Twilight Princess style mirroring on either edition.