All in all, I think it’s fair to say the Zelda fanbase is rather hyped for Breath of the Wild, with a hugely enthusiastic general response to the new gameplay features and focus on freedom. Nintendo has committed one highly blasphemous design choice though — prepare yourself for this — Link is right-handed again.

I know. Just breathe.

So why is Link a righty? In Skyward Sword it was because most players would wield the Wii Remote in their right hand. This time, series producer Eiji Aonuma told IGN editor Jose Otero it was again down to the hardware design.

There you have it! A pretty straightforward answer really, though not one I imagine will go down well with some of the more diehard fans. Prepare for the pitchforks, Mr. Aonuma.

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  • Shona

    Yeah I don’t buy it. The attack buttons have almost always been on the right.

  • Slappy

    I don’t buy it either. Twilight Princess and Windwaker had left handed Links. It’s a weak excuse.

    • Ninten

      You know Miyamota made Link a lefty on purpose for all the games he’s a lefty in.

      • Jimmy Boy

        except Skyward Sword, which was clearly from the Wiimote. This is Aonuma’s weak excuse

      • Nordlys

        Miyamoto is a lefty himself.

  • Right, or left handed, nowhere in the franchise was it ever stated that reincarnation of Link had to be left handed…

    Personally I’d prefer left handed due to the roots of the games, but for me, it’s by far not a deal breaker, especially with everything else Breath of the Wild brings to the table 🙂

    • TheShadowHatter

      pretty much this. with reincarnation many things about Link are possible, such as him being right handed, or even being a girl.

      my issue is how Aonuma gives us some strange and weak replies when all he has to say is “because I wanted to do it” or something.

    • Jimmy Boy

      Pretty sure it’s only fandom that has him being reincarnated, Miyamoto never had him reincarnated, because each was independent, as a new hero would rise up when needed.

      • xanxibar

        Miyamoto is not in charge of Zelda anymore. Aonuma’s the one making all the canonical decisions now.

        • Pablo Lavín

          Aonuma is not left handed, so that could make sense too?

  • greenlink

    Maybe he’s right handed because this is the reincarnation of Skyward Sword Link who is also right handed?

    • Nathan Pandora

      the problem with that is SS Link is the reincarnation start
      so technically all them are SS Link reincarnations
      but this does mean the first Link was right handed.
      so it could be future Links had the rare left handed gene

      • Sedd

        In the comics he is left-handed.

        He was only a righty in SS because most people usually hold the wiimote in their right.

      • Jimmy Boy

        none of these are reincarnated, do you people even read the stories revealed within the games? They’re independent of each other, it’s why a fan made Hyrule Historia, not Nintendo!

  • Sean McCluskey

    It’s really really not a big deal. I hope fans don’t blow this too out of proportion.
    “oh god a minor aesthetic change that wont impact gameplay at all YOUVE RUINED ZELDA NINTENDO!!!!”

    • Jimmy Boy

      well, for nearly 30 years (or over 30 if you didn’t play the Wii games) he’s been left-handed, kind of tradition at this point.

  • Andrew Defty

    Not many left handed people for the motion capture maybe?
    I don’t know?
    But I don’t care either, I just want to play it! 🙂

  • DimensionalRanger

    Make up your mind, fandom, do you want link to be female, to be lefthanded, to be both, to be none at all? XD

    • Balthor

      They want Link to be an ambidextrous transsexual that is also non-existent and talks without a voice (but doesn’t grunt)

      • Nordlys

        And also black, autistic, muslim, pot smoker and woman. to be more political correct.

  • Marandahir

    Meh. They could have at least given us a choice.

  • YordleJay

    NO NO NO NO ;-; STOP RUINING MY CHILDHOOD HERO I MISS MY LEFT HANDED HERO. It’s a huge reason he’s one of my favorite characters because he’s one of the few that’s left handed like me

    • YordleJay


    • TheShadowHatter

      are you seriously throwing a childish temper tantrum over what hand Link uses to hold a sword.

      please tell me you’re making a joke or something, even if this joke isn’t funny, I’ll take it as long as you’re not being serious right now.

      or at least tell me you’re 12 years old and I’ll accept that too.

      • YordleJay

        Yes I am. idgaf what you think that’s a huge reason lil me liked him and what started me on my zelda love journey

        • TheShadowHatter

          lol because of which hand he uses to beat it with….WOW

  • TheShadowHatter

    It’s annoying how Aonuma has dumb responses to simple questions.

    “why no female link?”

    his answer: “because what would zelda do?”

    what he SHOULD have said: “because I wanted to keep Link male”

    “why is he right handed?”

    his answer: “because the controls lol”

    what he SHOULD have said: “because there are multiple incarnations of the hero, so this one is right handed. DEAL WITH IT”

    honestly I don’t understand Aonuma one bit, and it can get frustrating at times.

    • Jimmy Boy

      except they don’t reincarnate in the story, a new hero arises who’s independent on what happened in Ocarina of Time, Original, WindWaker, etc.

  • JasonBall

    What button raises the shield?

  • F-Lambda

    Technically, Link has always been right-handed; he just happened to use his sword in his left hand.

    How can you tell he’s right-handed? Well, let’s look at his first 3d game, Ocarina of Time. Link holds his bow with his left hand, and draws with his right (same with the slingshot); that’s how right-handed people hold a bow. For deku nuts, he throws them with his right arm, like a right-handed pitcher. Continuing the baseball comparison, let’s look at the 2-handed weapons: deku stick, Bergeron sword, and Megaton hammer. He grips these all left hand on bottom, right hand on top, just like a righty at bat.

    Pretty much the only things he does left-handed are wield the Master sword/Kokiri sword and, for some reason, the boomerang. Why? Perhaps it’s because that’s the hand the Triforce mark appears. Perhaps not, and he’s just ambidextrous. Either way, he’s never been truly left-handed.

    • Sedd

      No he doesn’t, in Ocarina of Time he holds the bow and slingshot in his right hand and draws with his left. Also, he holds the two handed items with his left hand on top.

      You must’ve been playing Master Quest.

      • Jimmy Boy

        Inverted Master Quest, the original release on GameCube repeated those same mechanics.

    • Lagosta

      I’m left handed, and I throw things with my right hand.

  • Someone Lefty

    For me left-handed Link is a symbol and change Link to right-handed is reason for me to left this series. Sorry Nintendo…

  • Blood

    tbh that was a really stupid reason for Wii TP and SS, and it’s still a stupid reason. I’m right-handed and I don’t care if I’m swinging a controller and the guy on screen does the opposite. Link is supposed to be a lefty. they could’ve at least made it optional, instead of just not caring about people that are left-handed (again) and are sick of the guy on screen doing the opposite of what they do.

  • Nordlys

    Is that hard to switch the wiimote? When I played with the wiimote I costantly switched it from right to left to right, it depended where I did found it.