Ganon is back! The mighty ruler of darkness has been confirmed to at least be involved in the game’s story, as evidenced by text from the gameplay video taken from the Treehouse stream.

After finishing exploring a shrine, a Sheikah monk tells Link he dedicates his life to helping those who seek to stop Ganon, alongside the Goddess Hylia. He then gives Link a Spritual Orb for his efforts in completing the shrine. It is still not confirmed if Ganon is actually the main villain in the game, or if he will only be mentioned during the game. The text seems to imply that he is in fact the villain for the game, but there is no way for us to be exactly sure. We’ll have to wait and see if there is confirmation from Nintendo, or if we’ll have to wait until the game is released to find out.

  • Yohann

    Guys, please, take a closer look at the trailer : we can see a big boar in the dark smoke around Hyrule Castle, with two sparkly eyes. Ganon indeed, or his « smoke avatar ». :o)

  • Sean McCandless

    It was revealed in the demo, if you played it, that Ganon returns as Calamity Ganon and that he was sealed away for 100 years around the same time Link was sealed. That why there’s so many ruins in Hyrule. The kingdom is in a bit of a decline. So its possible that the game takes place in the Fallen Hero timeline between Tri Force Heroes and The Legend of Zelda.

    • Dan0709

      I totally agree about this taking place in the fallen hero timeline, besides…link appears in that chamber of resurrection, it just makes sense this would be that fallen hero

      • Sean McCandless

        Except that’s not the same hero. The fallen hero was supposed to be the Hero of Time who is left handed. The link who appears in the chamber of resurrection is right handed.

        • Dan0709

          Aonuma told us: Link is right-handed because you initiate attacks with your right hand on the GamePad.

          So it literally has no meaning story-wise whether he is right handed or not in this case.

          • Sean McCandless

            Dude, he’s using that as an excuse. Link has always been left-handed minus Skyward Sword. Besides, if you initiate attacks with the right hand on the GamePad, why wasn’t that implanted in the HD remakes?

          • Dan0709

            Ask him yourself I guess, i don’t overthink silly details like that lol.

  • Chimpy

    I think it takes place in the twillight princess and termina

    timeline cuz if you look closely in the trailer there is the bridge from tp where u fight that goblin on the boar.And the other places look very similar too and also u can see that skeleton thingy from MM(forgot its name xD) wich u had to race on the graveyard.