With this morning’s amazing trailer revealing the new Legend of Zelda, no doubt the urge to speculate, geek out, and revel in its beauty is upon you. If that’s the case, join us in our dedicated Breath of the Wild forum where you’ll find fellow Zelda fans chomping at the bit to discuss this much-awaited game.

For E3 week, we’ve opened our Guest posting specifically to provide a welcoming place for new visitors to discuss the game without the obligation of making a Zelda Universe account. (Although we would love it if you did!) So hurry on over and share your ideas, opinions, and love!

  • scanfro

    Ok, I have watched a lot of zelda trailers in my time but this one gave me super chills.

  • Gabriëlle

    I wonder whose voice woke up link… I hope to find out very soon

  • Gio

    There is a lot of Sheikah-inspired direction here. Link is definitely carrying a devise with an Eye of Truth in it, which he seems to attach at that stations at the top of a mountain and a gate opens.

    And the “open your eyes” is repeated several times… hmmmmm… i wonder were this is going.

  • The Lavender Swirlix

    I will be dreaming about this game for months, its soooo beautiful and amazing looking I just can’t contain it XD