E3 has started early! Nintendo have announced new Link costumes for Miitomo in a promotion event designed to drum up hype for Zelda at E3.

It begins today with a retweet event. If Nintendo receive over 10,000 retweets before June 13, players can claim “Link’s new hair wig”. Just log in to Miitomo between June 15 and July 14. and If 20,000 retweets are reached, users will also receive “green Link wig”. Make sure you don’t add a comment to your retweet, as it will not be counted.

Which wig will you be wearing?

On top of that, starting June 14 there will be a Zelda-themed Miitomo Drop, more themed items in the Miitomo shop, and an item available to purchase from My Nintendo using Platinum Points. This promotion runs until July 14 so make sure you participate during that time if you want these items.

I’m intrigued to find out what that item is on My Nintendo. Something special maybe?

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