The Legend of Zelda games are set in an amazing medieval landscape filled with enormous castles, deep, dark dungeons, and fantastical monsters. But what would happen if the game received a futuristic sci-fi makeover?

That’s what artist Magnus Norén imagined when he came up with this great piece of artwork. Titled “Link” and “Zelda,” the artist portrays Link in his traditional green tunic, but with some futuristic upgrades: namely some technologically advanced spaulders, an upgraded Hylian shield that looks like it can absorb all kinds of attacks, futuristic bombs, a laser sword, and a drone that could be a futuristic makeover of Navi. Hopefully, in this incarnation, the Navi drone comes with a less annoying setting compared to the organic kind.

Link by Magnus Norén

Zelda by Magnus Norén

The rendering of Zelda looks truly amazing. The attention to detail and lighting show that the artist is very skilful in creating effective conceptual art. The futuristic incarnation of Zelda features a holographic Triforce, holographic spaulders, and even features a “light tattoo” on her face. Zelda is also shown standing in a strong stance, implying that she is more akin to Xena than Rapunzel.

To me, Star Wars will probably be the best implementation of mixing science fiction elements with historic fantasy. Like Star Wars, this artwork illustrates the timelessness of the adventures of Link and Zelda. The simplicity of the story and depth of character allows it to be universally loved in whatever incarnation Link appears in. In the video games, this is usually in some medieval epoch, but artwork like this shows that Link and Zelda can be just as relevant in futuristic environments.

Check out more artwork from Magnus Norén here.

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