Here at Zelda Universe, we spend a lot of time sharing our love of our favourite hero in green, but today we would like to extend our support to a different set of very deserving heroes.

Today is ‘International Missing Children’s Day’, and we would like to pay homage to all those people around the world fighting to reunite missing and exploited children with their families.

So, to the police services who work night and day, come rain or shine; to the volunteers and charitable organisations who give up their spare time, money and emotional support; and most importantly, to the devoted parents who are without a loved one, who continue to have hope, and who pledge every ounce of their energy to bringing them home — your strength and dedication is inspirational to us all.

Please, never give up hope — our thoughts are with you.

You, truly, embody the Triforce of Courage.


Credit to DeviantArt user DemonLuna for the beautiful artwork, “Outset Sunset”.

The following charities do wonderful work the world over in helping find missing children — anything you can offer would be gratefully received in helping to bring families back together.

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