A new study is seemingly confirming what might possibly be Nintendo’s worst nightmare. This recent study by the marketing research firm Influence Central indicates that smartphones and tablets are being used in place of Nintendo handhelds for many children, many of whom receive their first mobile device as early as age 10. Such an early introduction to those devices has be taking away portions of Nintendo’s business in the handheld sector. The report cites that only 24 percent of children are choosing to take Nintendo handhelds with them while travelling and are typically choosing tablets, smartphones, and portable DVD players instead.

Although handheld devices have usually been a strong part of Nintendo’s business, even when their home consoles like the Wii U are under-performing, other studies have corroborated the findings of this most recent study, and sales of the 3DS haven’t been able to replicate the success of their past devices. All signs point to tablets and smartphones outpacing other electronics devices among children, giving Nintendo even more reason to put plenty of resources into developing apps in a thriving mobile gaming market that didn’t include them at all until their release of Miitomo in March.

With upcoming releases for the mobile gaming market like Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, hopefully Nintendo can seize those opportunities to introduce young gamers to their games, build excitement for their products, and cross that success over to their dedicated gaming devices, namely, the NX.

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